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Thermoseal Group can advise you on labour saving machinery and sealed unit construction methods.
Thermoseal Group's strategy for future growth is: To develop the Group's UK and International market share of warm edge business while retaining and growing current sales through investment in new production, research and development of innovative new products.

We are dedicated to manufacturing British products. Aside from the Group's Perma Led original adhesive lead strip manufacturing facility (purchased in 1999), Thermoseal Group has been predominantly a distributor of insulated glass components. However, in 2010, we took a big step to manufacturing our own energy efficient products – Thermobar Warm Edge Spacer Tube and Accessories, and then Thermoflex Warm Edge Foam Spacer System. As part of our commitment to the manufacturing process, the Group invested in a new Innovation Centre which is now equipped for general product development and testing. This research and development facility is continually evolving with equipment and expertise. We can trace the development of our products from purchase of raw materials or brought-in goods through to delivery to the customer. This helps us to develop our manufacturing offering and produce a range of products to enable customers to manufacture sealed units that exceed the future demands of the UK and European Building Regulation requirements. We also test our products to many additional worldwide test requirements to ensure that they are suitable for export.

In addition, we have also invested in a growing injection moulding division to manufacture our own range of components for use with energy efficient spacer bars and compatible Georgian products. We now have a continual flow of new components designed to suit which are also colour-matched as required.

Following our recent purchase of the stock and assets of North Western Lead, giving us DECRA Led®, DECRA Bevels® and the DECRA Glow® range of films we have now invested in a new state-of-the-art design studio in Wigan to enable us to produce bespoke designs for our customers to incorporate in their own insulated glass products.

Another area of product development which has always been at the heart of Thermoseal Group's business is in relation to our Sealed Unit Manufacturing Machinery and Equipment. We designed the first hopper-fed Extruders for insulated glass sealants in Europe, followed by a succession of superior sealed unit manufacturing machines built to a specification set out by and for sealed unit manufacturers - both smaller manufacturers and some of the glass and glazing industry's leaders.

The Group's 38 years of expertise in building machinery, combined with feedback from its world-wide customer base means that it can provide quality machinery built to the requirements of the sealed unit manufacturer - See our Glass Machinery Range.