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Thermoseal Group offers high quality futureproof sealed unit components to make high performance sealed units.
Thermoseal Group's strategy for future growth is: To develop the Group's UK and International market share of warm edge business while retaining and growing current sales through investment in new production, research and development of innovative new products.

Over the years, Thermoseal Group has dedicated a large proportion of its resources to the purchase and development of technologically advanced equipment and to the improvement of its quality procedures.

We are dedicated to quality and future-proofing products. We have successfully achieved and maintained BSI Certificate FS41016 and met with International Organization for Standardization ISO 9001:2008.

All equipment complies with CE Marking and is sold complete with required paperwork for its destination country.

We have a dedicated Quality Control Officer who has put into place a long-term quality monitoring and development programme to ensure the consistent and industry-leading quality and service of our products.

We also have an Innovation Centre and EN1279 testing laboratory set up to develop new products and to support our manufacturing facility. Our Innovation Centre also carries out ongoing trials and batch tests to maintain the consistent high quality of our own products and those brought in for resale.

Amongst our wide range of specialist laboratory equipment we have the capability to measure:

  • Product Density
  • Shore Hardness
  • Xenon UV Exposure, to simulate exposure to natural sunlight over many years
  • Thermal conductivity of insulating glass spacers and their components
  • Spectrometry for Chemical analysis
  • Desiccant moisture content
  • Gas desorption of desiccants to determine their quality
  • Humidity exposure cabinets
  • Fogging of IGU’s and individual components
  • The mechanical properties of spacers, sealants and individual raw materials

We are dedicated to our staff who are all made aware of specific quality requirements by issue of documentation relevant to their individual responsibilities within the quality system. We operate a Kaizen method of continuous improvement in manufacturing. All staff are trained and developed in line with this. We recently received a G15 Award for ‘Training and Development Initiative of the Year’ in recognition of this.