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Commercial Blinds Systems

Thermoseal Group is the UK distributor of ScreenLine Integrated Blinds.

There are a wide variety of blind systems manufactured to withstand the increased stress and usage associated with the commercial environment. They are available for integration within glass sealed units with a variety of airspaces and glass pane thicknesses.

Commercial blinds for 20mm, 22mm, 24mm, 27mm, 29mm and 32mm cavity glazing can be quoted for and supplied on request. Motorised blinds (both battery operated and wired) are also available on request.

Systems available include:

  • "C" System Blinds (Magnetic Cord Control)
  • "S" System Blinds (Central Magnet Control)
  • "SV" System Blinds (Sliding Side Control)
  • "W" System Blinds (Battery Operated Motorised Control)
  • "P" System Blinds (Manual Tilt-Only Control)
  • "B" System Blinds (Manual lower side Control)
  • "M" System Blinds (Wired Motorised Control)

Please see the product guide below.

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