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'MB' System Blinds (Internal Brushless Wired Motor Control)

Thermoseal Group is the UK distributor of ScreenLine Integrated Blinds.

The ScreenLine® SL20MB, SL22MB, SL27MB, SL29MB and SL32MB systems are electrical blind systems used for raising / lowering and tilting blinds integrated within a 20, 22, 27, 29, or 32mm cavity glazing unit.

'MB' System blinds are available in Venetian, Pleated, or Pleated Black-out. Each system has a brushless internal motor integrated within the blind head-rail which incorporates a micro control unit plus encoder which allows simultaneous and synchronized movement of groups of blinds.

All blinds are safe and smooth in operation within the hermetically sealed unit. They have an accurate tilt control which can be operated a low speeds if required.

Glazing of the motorised blind unit requires no additional installation work. The absence of electric cables, fixing screws etc during unit manufacture and the easy clipping assembly system, guarantees total unit integrity.

Manufactured from high quality materials, coupled with the purity of aesthetic appearance and technical excellence, the system is particularly suited to prestigious projects.

Click here for further information regarding the slat colours or Pleat material available.


'MB' System Venetian and Pleated Blinds

Feasibility of this system is variable. For technical information and a guideline to the feasibility of each blind systems, please click here.