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Residential Blinds Systems

Thermoseal Group is the UK distributor of ScreenLine Integrated Blinds.

All ScreenLine blinds manufactured for domestic purposes are made for integration within glass sealed units with a 20mm or 22mm airspace and 6.4mm internal glass pane thickness. Venetian and Pleated blind models are available in the following systems:

SL20-22C Venetian Blinds (manual cord operation)SL20-22C Pleated Blinds (manual cord operation)SL20-22S Venetian Blinds (sliding side control) SL20-22S Pleated Blinds (central magnet control) SL20-22W System Blinds (Battery Operated Motorised Control)

The Venetian blind is made with 12.5mm aluminium slats and is sold in a wide range of colours.

Pleated blinds are available in standard Vanity fabrics or Verosol fabrics. Vanity fabrics are made with 14mm pleats and are available in cream or white. Verosol fabrics are available in 18 colours, feature opaque shading, and are coloured on the internal side and aluminium coloured on the outer side.

All blinds offer outstanding control against glare and build-up of heat and are operated by a unique external drive system which is magnetically driven, either manually by a cord/slider, or motorised to enable the homeowner to regulate their own comfort. With 6 patents on its unique design, blinds will never get dusty or dirty and can't be damaged by normal use. Click here to download patent information.

Please click here for information on the blinds we have available in each of the above ranges.  Information includes: sizes available; feasibility; colour ranges; order forms and downloadable technical information.  We also supply samples, marketing support materials and marketing packs. Click here for marketing support materials.