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Desiccant Testing Kit

Desiccant Testing Kit
  • Desiccant Testing Kit

The Delta-T test is the Industry Standard test for determining the activity of molecular sieves prior to usage in the process of manufacturing IG units.

Active molecular sieves generate heat upon contact with water. The more active the sieve is, the more heat it will generate.

The Delta-T test indicates through measuring the temperature change in the molecular sieve whether or not it is pre-loaded with water (e.g. near exhaustion) and therefore unusable.

NB. Desiccant must be stored in an air tight closed container in order to reduce risk of contact with humid air for longer than necessary.

Product CodeA450
Height70mm (2.756 inches)
Width355mm (13.976 inches)
Depth170mm (6.693 inches)
Weight1kg (2.205 lbs)
Guide PriceOn Request
Thermoseal Group
Thermoseal Group
Thermoseal Group
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Kit Contents

  • Small beaker
  • Large beaker (thermometer attached to lid)
  • Syringe
  • Digital Scales
  • Adjustable strap.


1.  Ensure all test apparatus are clean and dry of any moisture prior to commencing Delta-T test.

2. Prepare the small beaker with water which is room temperature. Take the temperature of the water in the beaker and make a note of it. Ensure that you dry the thermometer before commencing with the test.

3. Weigh 10g of Eurosiv desiccant and put it into the clean dry beaker. Place lid with themometer attached onto beaker of desiccant and check the temperature of the desiccant. It should be around the same temperature as the water.

NB. Ensure weighing and transfer of absorbent into receptacle is done as quickly as possible to avoid adsorption of humidity from air which may lead to misleading results.

4. Fill the plastic syringe with 10ml of your prepared water by placing the tip into the water and drawing it in. Make sure that you expel any air from within the syringe. It may help to tip the syringe upwards so that air bubbles rise and can be expelled through the tip. Finally ensure that the piston is on the 10ml mark.

5. Inject the full amount of water from the syringe into the measured 10g of desiccant as quickly as possible.

6. The temperature in the receptacle will now rise quickly. Study the thermometer and record the highest temperature reached.

You now have the figures to calculate the Delta-T result. The difference in temperature between the highest temperature on the thermometer in the receptacle, and the initial temperature of the water is the indicator for the level of activity the adsorbent achieves. A result over 25 C difference in the two temperatures means that the adsorbent is highly active.

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UK mainland Warranty:  12month parts and labour warranty, inc. delivery and installation.
Export Warranty: 12month parts warranty.  Delivery and installation by quotation.