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Water Purification/Treatment Plant

Water Treatment Plant
  • Water Treatment Plant

This machine produces high-quality demineralised water required to wash glass panes before they are used in double glazed sealed units - particularly important when working with soft-coat glass which can be marked and damaged by tap water.

The reverse osmosis process applied within this machine reduces the mineral components that make up total dissolved solids to a maximum of 99.8% depending on water chemistry, temperature and pressure.

This machine requires no de-mineraliser resin.  Water Treatment Plant may also be purchased with 2 tanks. 

Product Code (with 1 tank): SW50501

Product CodeSW550
Height2330mm (91.732 inches)
Width1225mm (48.228 inches)
Depth790mm (31.102 inches)
Weight230kg (507.063 lbs)
Guide PriceOn Request
Thermoseal Group
Thermoseal Group
Thermoseal Group
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Power Requirements
Electrical Voltage: 230 Volts
Frequency: 50/60 HZ
Current: 11 Amps (both pumps running)
Connection: Standard 13 amp plug (special on request)
Instrument: Dual TDS meter

Average TDS rejection rate: 95% NaCl (based on 50 psi, 25 degrees C, 750mg/l NaCl, 33% recovery).
Permeate (product) flow rate: 0.5 gallons/min - 1.00 gallons/min
TDS Rejection (NaCl): 90%-99%
Concentrate (waste) flow rate: 1.00 gallons/min - 2.00 gallons/min

Display: Constant display for Product water TDS level with audio/visual alarm (settable for product TDS level)
Water Supply: Potable cold water (tap water)
Connection: 15mm water pipe or ¾" flexible hose
Min inlet pressure: 2 bar (30 PSI)
Max inlet pressure: 7 Bar (100 PSI)
Min inlet water temp: 4 degrees C (protect from freezing)
Max inlet water temp: 38 degrees C (must not be connected to hot water line)
Inlet booster pump: Automatic operation to boost inlet water pressure with protection from dry running.
Water Storage of Permeate: 100 gallons (2 x 50 gallon polytanks) meets with the requirements of BS4213:2004,WRAS and current water regulations.
Outlet Booster pump: Automatic operation to boost outlet water to maximum flow rate of 101 ltrs/min @ maximum head of 48mtrsAutomatic cut off pressure @ 10 bar with auto re-start.
Outlet connect: To suit your equipment (standard fitted is ¾" flexible washing machine type hose).
Inlet TDS: 50 mg/L - 2000 mg/L
Inlet hardness: 0 mg/L (0 grain) - 171 mg/L (10grain)
Inlet Chlorine: 0 mg/L - 1.0 mg/L
Inlet Iron: 0 mg/L - 0.1 mg/L
Inlet Manganese: 0 mg/L - 0.05 mg/L
Inlet PH: 4 - 10
Waste Outlet: Drain required close to machine for Concentrate (waste) water and storage tank overflows (this can be fitted to the drain on washing machine).

Water Requirements Potable cold water (tap water)
Drainage Requirements 3/4 inch flexible washing machine type hose
Voltage Requirements 230V AC
Current Requirements 11 Amps (both pumps running)
Instrument Requirements Dual TDS meter
Frequency Requirements 50/60 Hz

Parts & Services

All new machines are sold with a warranty as follows: 

UK mainland Warranty:
12 months parts and labour warranty, including delivery and installation.

Export Warranty:
12 months parts warranty.  Delivery and installation by quotation.