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Water Demineraliser Unit

Water Demineraliser
  • Water Demineraliser

This unit contains crystals which remove Calcium, salts and other solids suspended in water.

It connects easily to a hose and is used with glass washing machines.  It can either be attached to the rinse section, or to the water entry hose.

Product CodeSW5000
Height980mm (38.583 inches)
Width200mm (7.874 inches)
Depth200mm (7.874 inches)
Guide PriceOn Request
Thermoseal Group
Thermoseal Group
Thermoseal Group
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Operating Guidelines

Operating pressure:  Min 0 bar, Max 10 bar.

Test pressure:  Max 11 bar.

Operating temperature:  Min 1 degree C, Max 50 degrees C.

Capacity: 7 x 35, 20.4 litre.

Do not use for Pneumatic or hydropneumatic applications.


Parts & Services

Comes with a warranty as follows: 

UK mainland Warranty: 

12 months parts and labour warranty, including delivery and installation.

Export Warranty:

12 months parts warranty.  Delivery and installation by quotation.