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New Fittings make a superior Georgian Window

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Thermoseal Group has designed and manufactured a new range of duplex fittings for use with its popular Thermix TX.N warm edge spacer bar – available in 11.5 x 14mm for a 16mm airspace and 15.5 x 14mm for 20mm airspace.

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TX.N slots comfortably into the tailor-made fittings, which when encased within a sealed unit, give the appearance of separate panes of glass that simulate a traditional Georgian window.  They can also be fitted with anti-rattle grommets to prevent the TX.N from vibrating within the unit. 

As the UK’s largest supplier of TX.N and a leading supplier of double glazing machinery and consumables, Thermoseal Group is in a unique position to create a uniform range of machinery and consumables which compliment each other in building a quality sealed unit. 

Mark Hickox, Sales and Marketing Director at Thermoseal Group, says: “TX.N warm edge spacer bar has been so well received that we’ve had customers beating our door for duplex fittings.   

“This is great for us, but we’re not surprised because TX.N is a structurally sound and technologically advanced spacer bar that makes a real contribution towards reducing the energy rating on a window.  In fact, TX.N achieves a ‘C’ rating or higher in all quality window systems.  It’s a smart choice over ugly flexible systems.”   

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