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High Performance Thermobar Warm Edge Glazing Units

Thermoseal Group manufactures Thermobar and Thermoflex Warm Edge Spacers from its UK manufacturing site.
The below image shows a superior technology Thermobar insulated glass sealed unit designed to minimise energy loss through your windows.

It is a high performance glazing unit that has been designed with an emphasis on achieving gas-tight and structurally sound glazing incorporating warm edge technology. Triple and even quadruple glazing systems are also available.

All components in a high performance Thermobar warm edge insulated glass sealed unit are to be extensively tested and comply with Euro Norm (EN) 1279 Part 2 and 3.

Thermobar Warm Edge Spacer Tube

Used to hold glass apart within a sealed unit, spacer tube helps to maintain its structural integrity. Thermobar is a rigid warm edge tube which is made from high performance engineering plastic with a gas diffusion barrier to minimise gas loss from the surface area of the spacer bar. A Thermoflex flexible foam warm edge spacer is also available.

The composition of Thermobar ensures that it is structurally sound while helping to reduce the heat loss at the edge of the glazing unit. Thermobar is a Passive House approved component which achieves a phA and phA+ (with Hot Melt) rating for Arctic Climate Zones and all other climate regions with lower requirements. It achieves best thermal values as certified by Bundesverband Flachglas Association.

For more information on warm edge spacer and the advantages of Thermobar Warm Edge spacer visit:

Decorative grilles can be secured to ‘standard Georgian fittings’. Bespoke Duplex fittings and Interbar/Muntin bar is also available.

Pure 3A Desiccant

Thermobar is a hollow tube system which means that it can be filled with pure 3A desiccant. This ensures a definitive volume of desiccant in every sealed unit. The sole function of the desiccant or molecular sieve is to absorb any moisture in the airspace and keep the window from misting up in the air space between the surfaces of the glass.

Low-e coated glass

Low-e glass stands for low emissivity glass. This glass differs from normal float glass in that one side of the glass has a special metal coating, technically known as a low emissivity, or Low-e coating. All energy efficient windows must contain a low-e glass, so insist on it!

Primary Sealants

The dual sealing system makes up for approximately 90% of the European insulated glass market.

The primary seal serves as a handling aid and as a barrier preventing the ingress of moisture and the loss of energy saving inert gases.

Secondary Sealants

Edge sealants bond to the spacer bar and seal the edge of the sealed unit from moisture ingress and protect the unit from gases passing out of and into the internal unit construction. Options include: Hot Melt, Polysulphide, Silicone and Polyurethane.

Gas Filling

The airspace between the glass panes is filled with an inert gas such as Argon. Units filled with an inert gas must meet the requirements to pass EN1279 part 3 standards for gas loss. Thermobar High Performance units are designed with gas-tight properties to meet these standards.