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Commercial Blinds

There are a wide variety of blind systems manufactured to withstand the increased stress and usage associated with the commercial environment. They are available for integration within glass sealed units with a variety of airspaces and glass pane thicknesses.

Commercial blinds for 16mm, 20mm, 22mm, 24mm, 27mm, 29mm and 32mm cavity glazing can be quoted for and supplied on request. Motorised blinds (both battery operated and wired) are also available on request.

Commercial blind models are available in the following systems:

  • ‘C’ System Blinds (Magnetic Cord Control)
  • ‘S’ System Venetian Side Slide Control
  • ‘S’ System Pleated Slide Bottom Control
  • ‘W’ System Blinds (Battery Operated Motorised Control)
  • ‘P’ System Blinds (Manual Tilt-Only Control)
  • ‘B’ System Blinds (Manual lower side Control)
  • ‘MB’ System Blinds (Wired Motorised Control)

> Download Commercial Systems Outline document

Please click here for information on each of the control systems.

Benefits of Integrated Blinds

  • Maintenance Free
  • Ultimate solar control
  • Ideal for any home or commercial property
  • Child Friendly
  • Help regulate Heat and Solar Glare
  • Helps regulate heat transmission
  • Hygienically sealed between glass
  • Engineered with Italian excellence
Blinds to be hygienically enclosed within glass so hands or paws can't reach them

A Range of Integrated Blinds Control Systems to suit any vertical blind application:

  • 'C' System Manual Cord Control
  • 'SV' System Manual Side Slide Control
  • 'S' System Manual Central Slide Control (Pleated Only)
  • 'W' System Battery Operated Control
  • 'MB' Wired Motorised Brushless Control Blinds
  • 'P' System Side Knob Control (Commercial Only)
  • 'B' System Bottom Knob Control (Commercial Only)

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