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Thermobar Warm Edge Spacer

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In response to a letter recently printed in the press which aims to put doubt on the thermal performance of Thermobar Warm Edge Spacer Tube, we’d like to clarify...

Warm Edge Technology


...that the Thermobar spacer has been fully tested and the thermal conductivity values confirmed by notified bodies in Germany and France. These were supplied to, scrutinised and verified by the BFRC, hence allowing our product to be fully exchangeable for all other warm edge spacer tubes within current Window Energy Rating (WER) simulations.

In reference to the two thermal conductivity values referred to in the previous letter, both values are in fact correct.  In simple terms 0.13W(m.K) is the value of the spacer bar only (CSTB report No. 10/260-24969) and the 0.175W/(m.K) value (Rosenheim report No.10-000207-PB01-K10-06-en-01) is the combined value of spacer tube, desiccant and PIB. Please be assured that the 0.175W(m.K) value has been used by the BFRC to produce the values used in WER simulation reports and we believe that this value is the ‘same’ or ‘better’ than any other spacer tube currently available on the market.  No simulations were registered using incorrect values.

A summary of both of the above referenced test results are published on this site: which are downloadable to customers and simulators who are issued with a password to gain access to these documents.

Thermoseal Group has experienced unprecedented demand for Thermobar warm edge spacer and is committed to innovation and development of new thermally efficient products.  We believe in a free market and so are pleased to offer consumer choice.  We aim to offer high quality products that are developed to suit our customers’ production methods whilst offering longevity for our ultimate customer – the homeowner.  We have sought continual feedback in relation to Thermobar warm edge spacer tube and it is chosen by many sealed unit manufacturers as their warm edge spacer of choice, not only because it has highest performance values, but it is also easy to manufacture with and it has a preferable appearance.

We look forward to extending our warm edge range and introducing innovative new products to complement the Group’s offering.


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