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ENSINGER reveals its highly acclaimed engineering secrets

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ENSINGER, manufacturer of Thermix TX.N spacer tube, opened its doors and shared some of its precision engineering secrets with its exclusive UK distributor, Thermoseal Group.

Warm Edge Technology


The Sales and Marketing team from Thermoseal Group visited the ENSINGER factory in Cham, Germany where they were given an escorted tour of the site which is the main site of development and manufacture of Thermix TX.N. 

Mark Hickox, Sales Director from Thermoseal Group says:  “We have been working with ENSINGER for many years now, but this was the first time that our team has had a glimpse at the years of technically-advanced engineering that is put into developing every one of its broad spectrum of products.   

“ENSINGER generally hold their engineering development and processes close to their chest, so once we’d agreed not to take any photography, or share any of the things we see with anyone outside of ENSINGER, we were permitted to tour the factory.  It was really great to see. 

“Thermix alone is the result of ten years of the ENSINGER’s continual development in the production and application of warm-edge spacers, and over forty years experience in engineering and manufacturing high-performance plastic.   

“Injection moulded plastics for F1 racing vehicles and life-changing plastic medical implants are just two of the other high-precision engineering plastic solutions that ENSINGER produces. 

“It is a truly professional organisation which is constantly evolving its products so that it’s always one step ahead of the game.  With ENSINGER, the changes are subtle but often to make sure that it grows its business and maintains its position as a leading warm edge product.” 

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