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Our Eurosiv Desiccant (standard and mini bead) is specifically designed and developed to meet the proposed revisions to EN1279 standards in IG sealed unit production to ensure that their adsorption capacity is optimum in preventing moisture build-up inside the unit.

We have long-standing relationships with our desiccant supplier and a mutual understanding that a 3A highest quality product is vital to the longevity of sealed units.  All desiccant is continually batch-tested and benchmarked against other market-leading molecular sieve desiccants. 

Every shipment is comprehensively tested and delivered with a Certificate of Analysis.  All shipments we receive are examined on arrival and any which don’t meet our exacting standards are immediately returned for replacement.

We put our desiccant’s through comprehensive testing to check: Gas Desorption (a premium desiccant will only adsorb moisture vapour and not inert gases in the sealed unit); Delta-T Results (generally, but not conclusively, an active desiccant will generate heat upon contact with moisture); Initial Moisture Content (should be less than 2.5%); Moisture Adsorption Capacity (tested to proposed revisions to EN1279 standards); Dust Content (to check consistent bead size); Bulk Density (to check volume).

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